Aircrew safety training courses

Aircrew Safety Training Courses 

Crew Resource Management Training

Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training

VIP Flight Attendant Training

Corporate Flight Attendant Training 

Attestation of Cabin Crew

Attestation of Cabin Crew Courses

Aviation First Aid

Aviation First Aid Training AVMED

Professional Aircrew Training Courses

Cabin crew training organisation 

Corporate Flight Training (CFT) is an EASA/CAA approved Cabin Crew Training Organisation (CCTO).  We deliver initial cabin crew  training courses from our Luton Airport training centre and on a worldwide basis for convenience.  As a CCTO we are fully approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.   Our team of experienced Instructors deliver safety training courses to the highest professional standards.  We are also able to offer recurrent and inhouse training to airlines and aircraft operators upon request.  


Groundschool training for aircrew

CFT deliver a wide range of aircrew and cabin crew safety training courses and soft courses for career development. Our aviation safety training courses for aircrew and cabin crew are EASA compliant and the aviation security training programs are fully DfT compliant.  At Corporate Flight Training safety and professionalism is our ethos.  We believe the priority of aviation safety are professionally trained aircrew and this is reflected in the delivery and content of our first class training courses, which can be delivered on a worldwide basis.


The attestation of cabin crew (CCA)

Corporate Flight Training are able to offer the Attestation of Cabin Crew as a standalone training course. As an EASA/CAA approved cabin crew training course the Attestation of Cabin Crew is valid in all European countries and for all European airlines.The Attestation of Cabin Crew course includes all the generic safety training modules that are usually provided by the airlines.  In doing so this reduces the airline training time and cost leaving only the aircraft type-specific and company procedural training to be covered when you are employed by your airline of choice.


Corporate flight attendant training

The VIP Flight Attendant training courses have been developed specifically for candidates aspiring to work on business jets in the corporate aviation sector.  The courses deliver comprehensive training on all aspects of onboard service and the essential skills and resources required for a career as a professional Corporate Flight Attendant.   We also deliver bespoke Flight Attendant training courses to corporate aircraft operators wishing to update their current level of onboard service.


Safety First With Corporate Flight Training

Professional aviation training

Corporate Flight Training was established to meet training needs of the corporate and commerical aviation sectors. We deliver aircew safety training and cabin cabin crew safety training courses, we offer flexible training solutions. Our aviation safety training courses are EASA compliant and inline with the various regulatory authorities as required.   Training courses can be conducted at client location worldwide or in-house as required.  We can also assist with developing training programs and the delivery of your own training courses to cabin crew and aircrew.    We provide professional aviation training solutions, contact us today to discuss your training requirements.


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