SEP/SOP Recurrent Training

Safety and Emergency Procedures & Standard Operating Procedures

SEP/SOP recurrent training will ensure all crewmembers have in-depth knowledge of standard operating procedures (SOP'S) and emergency procedures (SEP). It will also prepare aircrew and cabin crew to handle any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, the professional training of aircrew is a priority of aviation safety. The course is EASA compliant and can also can be tailored to operator requirements and delivered inhouse in accordance with your operations manual for NCC and CAT operators.   The course is suitable for aircraft operators who do not carry a safety trained cabin crew member.



SEP/SOP Recurrent Training


Course Duration One Day

  • Regulatory updates
  • Latest Incident and accident review

Normal Procedures

  • Actions assigned to each member of the crew in normal procedures
  • Preflight briefing
  • Communication
  • Refuelling with passengers onboard
  • Passenger briefing
  • Able bodied passengers - ABPS
  • Able bodied passengers by unsupervised exits
  • Special categories of passenger -SCPS
  • Stowage of articles in the passenger compartment
  • Sterile flight deck
  • Surface contamination
  • Rejected take-off/go around
  • Precautionary landing
  • Turbulence procedures

Emergency Equipment

Includes, location, removal and usage

  • Oxygen portable and fixed usage
  • Oxygen Systems - specific to aircraft type *
  • Protective breathing equipment (PBE) 
  • BCF and fire extinguisher
  • Life raft useage
  • Slide rafts, life rafts, survival pack and contents 
  • Survival kit location and contents
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Life jackets donning practical (infants, adults and flotation cots)




Emergency Procedures

  • Actions assigned to each member of the crew in emergency procedures
  • Effective coordination and two way communication between all crew members in various emergency situations.
  • Authority and responsibility for evacuation and other emergency procedures
  • Evacuation procedures 
  • Emergency cabin preparation 
  • Emergency evacuation land/water
  • Motivation of passengers during an evacuation
  • Crowd control
  • Hypoxia and TUC
  • Non Pressurisation, sudden and slow decompression
  • Pilot incapacitation and checklist reading

The recurrent training course complies with ORO.FC.230 (Flight Crew Training and Checking) and follows the requirements of ORO.CC.140 (Cabin Crew Recurrent Training). However, for atendees of the open courses some elements of  training will have to be completed by the operator in order to meet compliance with ORO.CC.140:

Drills relevant to each aircraft type and/or variant to be operated


Actual operation by each cabin crew member of the flight crew compartment security door, in both normal and emergency mode.

The seat and restraint system and a practical demonstration of the oxygen system relevant to pilot incapacitation.







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