VIP Flight Attendant Training Online

VIP Flight Attendant Training Online

If you’re currently working as Cabin Crew for a commercial airline and aspire to work in corporate aviation then the online modules are ideal as a first step for any candidate keen to learn about the role of the VIP Flight Attendant. Candidates will gain an understanding of the industry, the exceptional professional competencies required and an opportunity to start building some of the key skills a VIP Flight Attendant must have.

This intensive training modules are all live instructor led from our virtual classroom, the training delivers practical career advice and is packed with resources and information from our experienced VIP Flight Attendant trainers.

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VIP Flight Attendant Training Online

Course Locations and Dates

Online VIP Flight Attendant Training
Tuesday & Wednesday 23/03/2021 - 24/03/2021 09.30 -16.30

Who is the course for?

This training course is aimed at commercial Cabin Crew who aspire to work in the corporate aviation industry.

The indepth online training modules are ideal for those who require career guidance to take the next step, or who are eager to learn more about the corporate/VIP aviation sector.  The course gives a thorough insight into the role of a Corporate/VIP Flight Attendant, an understanding of the private aviation sector and how it differs from commercial aviation.   The course will also give a solid grounding in the skills and further training required to succeed in this very exclusive sector of the aviation industry. 


Corporate cabin crew training

What Does the Course Offer?

The online modules are ideal for any candidate keen to explore the corporate aviation industry, the role of the VIP FA an understanding of the exceptional skills and professional competencies required, guest expectations and an opportunity to start building some key skills and new operational knowledge.

The online training will give any candidates in depth training on how and where to source, organise and order VIP aircraft catering as well the menu planning and design aspect of the role, including best practices -  this is one of the key skills a corporate/VIP Flight Attendant must possess. 

The food safety module focuses on the key food handler safety aspects of the VIP FA role and the complexities faced in sourcing and preparation of catering , ensuring it is safe for consumption.    The module also covers Coronavirus mitigation onboard and best practices for Corporate Flight Attendants.


Course syllabus

The course covers some of the following subjects:

  • M1 - The Role of the VIP Flight Attendant - 2.5 hours
  • M2 Catering 101 - Trip planning, inflight catering and menu planning and design - 3 hours
  • M3 Corporate Corporate Aviation Food Safety and Coronavirus Mitigation  Onbaord for Corporate Flight Attendants- 4 hours


Corporate Cabin Crew Training

Course Cost

The cost of the combined modules are £190.00 GBP for an introductory period and any candidate who attends the online training will receive a discount from our award winning 4 day VIP Flight Attendant Course.

Course Enrolment - Online Booking

To book a place on this training course using the online booking form or contact us here at Corporate Flight Training for further information.