The Corporate Traveller - Passenger Emergency Training

The Corporate Traveller – Passenger Emergency Training

The Corporate Traveller is a safety training course for executives who frequently travel on small jets or for private aircraft owners who travel without a flight attendant.  It is also ideal for personal staff, PA’S, butlers and Chefs who work or travel on-board their principles private aircraft.  The training will equip any passengers or staff with the knowledge and training to recognise hazards and handle unforeseen emergencies, as well as familiarization of their own aircraft and equipment.

The Corporate Traveller - Passenger Emergency Training

What does the course offer?

Does your company charter business jets for executive travel? Are you an aircraft owner or operator that do not carry cabin crew on your flights? Are you a member of personal staff that travels or works on-board your principles aircraft from time to time?

Have you considered the implications of an emergency scenario, what would you do?  Do you know where to find the safety equipment or how to use it?  What if a fire broke out whilst airborne, or your aircraft suffered a loss of cabin pressure? How would you evacuate the aircraft, what if you couldn’t get the exit open?  These are real scenarios, in an emergency every second counts statistics show that many incidents are survivable.

This is a short introduction to emergency and safety basics, it is ideal for anybody who travels regularly on corporate jets. It will equip passengers with the knowledge and confidence to handle any unforeseen situations or emergencies as well as familiarisation where applicable with your own aircraft and emergency equipment.   It will also enable recogntion of any potential hazards before they become a threat, safety training is the priority of aviation safety.  

Course Duration

4 hours at a location of choice.

Booking Information

Contact the office for pricing and information. or or to speak to one of the admin team  +44 208 7983162 .


Passenger Emergency Training


Course Duration 4 hours

  • Standard pre-flight briefing information
  • Use of PBE and personal smoke hoods
  • Use of BCF
  • Use of oxygen dispensing equipment
  • Donning of life jackets
  • Recognition of Hypoxia
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Location and use of emergency exits
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Firefighting procedures
  • Life raft usage, location and familiarization.
  • Pilot incapacitation
  • Surface Contamination awareness
  • Emergency equipment specific to aircraft type/provided for individual passenger use



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