Survival Training and Wet Drills

The wet drills training will prepare students in case of a ditching situation. The practical training course will allow students to familiarize on the use of life vests, floatation aids, life rafts and the equipment carried on-board. The in-depth course also covers preservation and survival techniques at sea, people who have undergone training are more likely to survive after a ditching.

The survival theory modules of the training course cover, desert, polar, jungle and sea survival aswell as search and recue and remote environment survival principles.

The training programs are EASA compliant and follow EASA  requirements for water survival  training. EASA  require survival training to include the actual donning and use of personal flotation equipment in water and the use of slide-rafts or similar equipment, as well as actual practice in the water.

Survival Training and Wet Drills


Course Duration: half day

Survival Philosophy

  • Polar Survival
  • Sea Survival
  • Jungle Survival
  • Dessert Survival

Survival Basics

  • Protection from the elements
  • Location
  • Ground to air signalling
  • Use of signalling equipment
  • Search and rescue
  • Water and Food
  • Building a fire
  • Survival Psychology

Wet Drills 

  • Use of life vest and flotation equipment
  • Donning of the lifejacket
  • Entering the water with and without the life vest
  • Dealing with panic
  • Survival and preservation in the water
  • Survival kits and contents
  • Life raft knowledge
  • Life raft equipment
  • boarding the life raft
  • Righting a life raft
  • Assisting others in to the raft
  • Basic principles of survival in the water
  • Emergency Locator beacon (ELT)
  • Repairs to life rafts
  • Search and rescue


Please note wet drills are performed in pool with a 2 metre depth. All candidates must be able to swim at least one full length unaided and be physically fit enough to perform the required drills in a deep pool. Any conditions that may adversely affect the ability to perform the wet drills must be reported  to Corporate Flight Training prior to attending.

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